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West Lake, Hangzhou 秋天的西湖

我在去年的12月初到了杭州旅游,当时在网上看到了 JetStar 航空公司正在做促销,来回杭州的机票每人是$280新元, 这价格也真是太诱人了。所以,我就问了读中文系的姐妹淘,问她是否愿意和我一起去旅行,结果她很爽快就答应了!


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Taiwan Ta Shee Blooming Oasis 台湾大溪花海农场 (2)

Ta Shee Blooming Oasis

这次是我第二次来到大溪花海农场了, 上次来到这里已经是6年前的事。这次想再到到这里,也是因为很想念这里旧旧,纯朴的田园风光。

从台北坐火车到桃园,在桃园又转了两趟巴士在能到达大溪。虽然路程有点长,有点慢,但是我却很享受着像这样缓慢的 tempo … 这一路上,我们遇到了一些很亲切,也很可爱的村民,他们都很乐于助人,帮我们带路时,还一直跟我们开玩笑咧。

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Shengxing Railway Station Miaoli, Taiwan 勝興車站, 台灣苗栗

Shengxing Railway Station Miaoli, Taiwan

After visited the Nanzhuang Old Street in Maoli, I came to another Japanese-era train station called the Shengxing Railway Station (勝興車站) in Miaoli, this is a popular tourist spot surrounded by a cluster of tea shops, souvenir shops, and traditional Hakka restaurants.

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L’occitane Café Taiwan 台湾歐舒丹Café


Skincare retailer, L’Occitane opened their first cafe in Taiwan in Dec 2012. Having read about it from an online article that gave the cafe a sparking review praising the cafe’s beautiful setting with its great atmosphere. With such a good review, I just had to visit the cafe myself during my Taiwan trip

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Canola Fields, Gyeonggju, Korea 韩国,庆州的油菜花田


Come April every year, I will reminiscent of my honeymoon which was in Korea 5 years ago. It was Spring during our visit and the scenery was simply beautiful with fields of canola and sakura flowers in full bloom. What a unforgettable scenery.

This picture was taken in Gyeongju(庆州). To get there, we took a train out from Seoul (首尔) Station to Gyeongju (庆州) Train Station (about 3 hours), and stay in this beautiful small town for 2 nights.

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Lavender Cottage Farm, Taiwan 台湾新竹薰衣草森林

The Lavender Cottage, founded by two good friends, a music teacher and a banker who both shared a dream of having their own lavender farm.

This dream was fulfilled through many years of hard work, where the farm was build up bit by bit with the help of friends and family, contributing their time and effort over their weekends to make this place a reality.


Lavender Cottage Farm in Hsin Zhu, Taiwan (薰衣草森林新竹尖石店), is a charming place to visit if you are looking for a countryside getaway.

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Lao Wu Bed and Breakfast, Nantou, Taiwan 老五民宿,台湾



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