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Apple, Pear & Rosebuds Soup 苹果,梨,玫瑰花甜汤

I’m in love with drinking rose teas since my teenage days, rose buds tea is only beautiful visually, it has fragrant aroma and remarkably floral flavor that is not too heavy. Rose bud teas add spark to women beauty, it promotes natural glow and radiance to your skin.

I like to try out new recipes using rose buds time to time, and my family love this Apple, Pear & Rosebuds Soup too. Enjoy!

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French Onion Soup 法式洋葱汤


P. S. 这道菜让我先生期待了一整天!!在餐桌上,看着他一面吃,一脸满足的样子,就让我觉得在切洋葱时,不停的流眼泪,熬煮汤时,不停的留着汗水,是值得的。有时辛苦一点,但换来的是甜蜜的回馈。(^_−)−☆

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