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Francisca Dessert Parlour Singapore

有时,我在心情不好的时候就会想要一个人静一静,然后请自己吃甜点,正有句话说 :“ 甜点永远是女人低潮时的好朋友。”

今天,一个人走着,走着,就来到了这间位于 Parco, Millenia Walk Singapore 的 Francisca Dessert Parlour。看着这些彩缤纷的蛋白杏仁小圆饼马卡龙 Macaron (是法国代表性的甜点之一)真让很多女生们都很难抗拒!

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Cupcake Engineer Singapore

上为 Bandung cupcake (玫瑰口味)和 Vitamin C cupcake (柠檬口味)

不知是什么时候我们都爱上了杯子蛋糕,看着他们小小的,好可爱,个个都像个艺术品!这间杯子蛋糕专卖店, Cupcake Engineer 位于 Bukit Timah Road 的 Cluny Court,店面不大,都以白蓝色为主,干净而简洁。

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Antoinette Singapore


Saint Honoré L’amour, smell and taste beautiful like rose.

If you are a french patisserie lover, then you should not miss the Antoinette French tea salon at 30 Penhas Road, Singapore. If you’re wondering where the name came from, its actually from Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France who had a soft-spot for chocolates and deserts.

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