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Lavender Scones 熏衣草司康饼

澳大利亚,悉尼的袋鼠谷 Kangaroo Valley, Sydney, Australia

我会迷恋上熏衣草完全是因为在中学时期看过一部由陈慧琳和金城武主演的浪漫电影 《熏衣草》。在电影里我看到了一大片迎风摇曳的熏衣草田,交织出紫色的梦幻梦境,  真令人印象深刻。但是,生长在热带国家的我,并没有机会看到和闻到真正的熏衣草。在过了很多年后,当我已有到温带国家旅行的机会时,我总会预先做足旅游功课,选好季节和地区,去看我期待已久的熏衣草…

今天,我再次看了《熏衣草》后就马上很有感觉的想做有熏衣草的料理,所以就选择了制作熏衣草司康饼 (Lavender Scone)。在制作 Lavender Scone 时最大的享受就是一直会闻到那熏衣草迷蒙的气味, 好像在做香薰治疗一样,嘻嘻!(^_^)

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Lavender Cottage Farm, Taiwan 台湾新竹薰衣草森林

The Lavender Cottage, founded by two good friends, a music teacher and a banker who both shared a dream of having their own lavender farm.

This dream was fulfilled through many years of hard work, where the farm was build up bit by bit with the help of friends and family, contributing their time and effort over their weekends to make this place a reality.


Lavender Cottage Farm in Hsin Zhu, Taiwan (薰衣草森林新竹尖石店), is a charming place to visit if you are looking for a countryside getaway.

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Lavender Berry Farm B&B, Pemberton, Western Australia

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 01

Whenever we travel to Australia, our preferred accommodation are at the excellent choices of Bed and Breakfast inns found all over the continent. There is always something new and interesting at every B&B that we’ve stayed in and this was no exception with 3 ducks greeting us on our arrival.

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