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Vintage Tea Party at House, Dempsey Singapore

红树莓夹心饼干 Raspberry Linzer cookies

我一直很想试一试 Dempsey Hill, House 的 Vintage Tea Party (英式下午茶),而这次因我有朋自远方来… 终于可以让我与好姐妹一起来到这里享受悠闲的下午茶了。

Dempsey Hill 位于新加坡植物园附近的一座小山丘,以前是英国殖民时期军队的营房及征兵中心,所以英式殖民特色的建筑物还依然完好的保留着。我们一来到就感受到了这里浓郁复古的气息,加上这餐厅在绿绿葱葱的丛林中,整体画面让人很舒服也很陶醉。


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Lao Wu Bed and Breakfast, Nantou, Taiwan 老五民宿,台湾



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Lavender Berry Farm B&B, Pemberton, Western Australia

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 01

Whenever we travel to Australia, our preferred accommodation are at the excellent choices of Bed and Breakfast inns found all over the continent. There is always something new and interesting at every B&B that we’ve stayed in and this was no exception with 3 ducks greeting us on our arrival.

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Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery B&B, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia

We always prefer to stay in Bed and Breakfast instead of hotel during our trips as we find the accommodation to be more cozy and we get to experience the local lifestyle. It took us 2.5 hours of driving from Canberra ACT before we reached our B&B called Lyrebird Ridge Organic Winery Retreat located within the picturesque Kangaroo Valley.

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