Togetherness 在一起!

她和他是我的终身伴侣… 除了爱孩子,也要更爱他(她)!


我读完后也很有感想,也让我想起了我刚生宝宝的第一年里,我们的婚姻也有过一段比较“黑暗”的日子… 那时我们都初为人父母,有喜悦兴奋,也有紧张焦虑, 心情都会被宝宝的喜怒所牵动的。那时,我在全喂母乳,晚上不能睡好,又不能放弃工作教课,加上我们不请女佣(因为都我们不习惯有外人在家),所以生活上还真是有点紧张。还有,有了宝宝后,我们必须去适应新的生活方式,忙着,忙着… 渐渐的就开始忽略了对方。(~_~;)

一直到我们的宝宝八个月大,当有一天我们聊天时,突然说到好像好久好久都没有一起约会,吃饭,看电影了。我也好像一个 “Obasan” (日语的大婶)好久都没为自己打扮了!所以那天,我们就请我们的父母把我们照顾宝宝,我们去好好看了一场电影。虽然只有短短的几个小时,我们却很珍惜着两人能够独处的时间,约会完后,心情果然分外轻松与甜蜜!


“ The simple ways couples can make time for each other:

  • Wake up earlier and have breakfast together.
  • Keep in touch at least once or twice a day via WhatsApp or SMS, just to say hello or send a hug or kiss.
  • Arrange to have lunch once or twice a week.
  • Surprise each other at the office with a tea-time treat.
  • Head out for a coffee or dessert when the kids are in bed.
  • Schedule a date night or a romantic retreat every two or three months.”


Photos credited to Teck Meng and Meivis Low from Image garden Photography 

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One thought on “Togetherness 在一起!

  1. Simple Mum

    Hey well written! It’s important to have a date with hubby once in a while. For healthy and happy children, parents should be happy and loving. Without love in our hearts for each other (us parents), we are not able to give the same love to our kids.


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