Shengxing Railway Station Miaoli, Taiwan 勝興車站, 台灣苗栗

Shengxing Railway Station Miaoli, Taiwan

After visited the Nanzhuang Old Street in Maoli, I came to another Japanese-era train station called the Shengxing Railway Station (勝興車站) in Miaoli, this is a popular tourist spot surrounded by a cluster of tea shops, souvenir shops, and traditional Hakka restaurants.

To get here, take the train to Sanyi train station (三義车站)then transfer to a taxi to Shengxing Railway Station.

Shengxing Railway Station is an old railway station builded during the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, with many of the buildings still preserving their original appearances with wooden structures reflective of its old Japanese architecture. This place is so nostalgic and calm.

Waiting for my Hakka Thunder Tea “擂茶”. This is a kind of healthy drink made from grated veggies, peanuts and sesames.

While you are in Taiwan, one of the must try is this authentic Taiwanese stinky tofu, made from tofu that have undergo fermenting, producing a strong pungent smell. Best served deep fried, topped with sour pickled vegetables. Thumb up!

If you are looking for a relaxing stopover in Miaoli, Taiwan… why not come to this beautiful Shengxing Railway Station, definitely worth a visit!

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