Canola Fields, Gyeonggju, Korea 韩国,庆州的油菜花田


Come April every year, I will reminiscent of my honeymoon which was in Korea 5 years ago. It was Spring during our visit and the scenery was simply beautiful with fields of canola and sakura flowers in full bloom. What a unforgettable scenery.

This picture was taken in Gyeongju(庆州). To get there, we took a train out from Seoul (首尔) Station to Gyeongju (庆州) Train Station (about 3 hours), and stay in this beautiful small town for 2 nights.


On our way to visit the Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju city, we saw this field of yellow canola against a backdrop of hilly mountains. what a sight to behold…

Excited to see an endless field of yellow, we decided to hop off the bus to get some photos.



There are sakura flowers planted everywhere, and during spring when they are all in bloom, its a magical sight, like something out of a fairy tale.




If you’re planning on going to Korea to catch the Sakura and Canola in bloom, the best time would be during the first two weeks of April. Remember to bring some warm clothing as well, as the weather can be erratic during the change of season.

P.S. I’ll be writing of my time in Namsan Park(Seoul) to catch the sakura bloom next so stay tune for my next posting!

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