Lavender Cottage Farm, Taiwan 台湾新竹薰衣草森林

The Lavender Cottage, founded by two good friends, a music teacher and a banker who both shared a dream of having their own lavender farm.

This dream was fulfilled through many years of hard work, where the farm was build up bit by bit with the help of friends and family, contributing their time and effort over their weekends to make this place a reality.

Lavender Cottage Farm in Hsin Zhu, Taiwan (薰衣草森林新竹尖石店), is a charming place to visit if you are looking for a countryside getaway.

To get there, you’ll need to take a train from Hsin Zhu(新竹站)station to Nei Wan(内湾站)station. There you’ll find a waiting spot to catch the shuttle bus to go up the hill, where the Lavender Cottage Farm is.

Remember to bring along a notebook with you while traveling in Taiwan. Every train station and tourist spot, have its own unique stamp for you to collect. Stamp the cutie pictures in your note book for memories.

Lavender retailing shop that selling lots of lavender products. I simply love the decors of the shop!!

What can I say… this slice of paradise is set amongst the bush, rolling hills, fresh air, gardens, flowers, amazing bird life and the scenery!

Wow… the wishing tree, may your wish be grant by hanging your wish onto this wishing tree

Dream what you want to dream;
go where you want to go;
be what you want to be,
because you have only one life
and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Address: No. 130嘉樂村嘉樂 Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Phone:+886 3 584 1193


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3 thoughts on “Lavender Cottage Farm, Taiwan 台湾新竹薰衣草森林

  1. Aya


    The Lavender Cottage photos are charming and well-taken.
    May I know is the shuttle service still available this month?
    What are the nearby landmarks for the shuttle bus pick-up of Lavender Cottage in Neiwan?
    How long is the bus waiting period?

    1. Mrs C Post author

      Hi Aya,

      Thank you very much. ^_^

      Yes, The shuttle bus service is available everyday from 10am onwards.

      The pick-up point for the shuttle bus is behind the Neiwan old street, and it’s also beside the Cinema’s car park. It’s not hard to find it, because there is a purple Lavender Forest signboard at the pick-up point. The shuttle bus service runs every 30 mins.


      ML Chai

  2. Ivy

    I plan to go from Hsinchu train station to Neiwan train station. From there, how do I go about the shuttle serive? Do I prebook? If so, can you please let me have the contact? What is the charges? Is is for one way or two way? How much time is needed to spend at the Lavender Cottage?

    Since you were at Neiwan, may I know if the neiwan lao jie is just within walking distance from the neiwan train station? I plan to leave Hsinchu in the morning, take a train to Neiwan, tour Neiwan lao jie before going to lavender cottage. Wonder if there will be enough time for such arrangement.



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