#03 Tea Party,Bespoke Minnie Themed Party 米妮老鼠派对


Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have their own sweet themed party? In a recent project of mine under my bespoke events decor company, Pastel Petal, we were task to design a Minnie themed party for a baby girl’s 1st birthday party and what a sweet and pinkish party that turned out to be… check out for more pretty details here…


As this party was for a little girl’s first birthday and the theme was Minnie, we decided to go heavy on the white, pink, black and polka dots in the decor. To announce the occasion, a handcrafted Minnie birthday banner was set against a backdrop of different tones of pink ribbons to created the sweet girlish atmosphere.



Not forgetting the small details, we decided to go with our own handcrafted cupcake stand for the ideal match to go with the cute Minnie themed mini cupcakes.



And as a finishing touch, some cute Minnie themed ribbon pompoms to help liven up the place.

Minnie themed cake by Pine Garden’s Cake

Minnie themed cupcakes by Cake Story

Party Decor Planner by Pastel Petal

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