Lavender Berry Farm B&B, Pemberton, Western Australia

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 01

Whenever we travel to Australia, our preferred accommodation are at the excellent choices of Bed and Breakfast inns found all over the continent. There is always something new and interesting at every B&B that we’ve stayed in and this was no exception with 3 ducks greeting us on our arrival.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 02

What a great way to start the day with such a serene and scenic scene right at our doorsteps.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 03

Hey, look! Its our 3 host ducks again.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 04

You can find Alpaca here too.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 05

Rows of lemon trees ripe with fruits. Something you won’t find in South East Asia.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 06

And of course you can’t not have lavender in a Lavender Berry Farm. That’s mummy’s favorites!

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 07

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 08

Beautiful gardens, great place to bring your kids to get close to nature. Good some quality time to spend with the family.

pemberton-lavender-and-berry-farm 09

Remember to bring your own grocery to cook for lunch and dinner. Breakfast basket with eggs and bread are provided.

Pemberton Lavender & Berry Farm – Cafe, Shop & Cottages

Phone: +61 (8) 9776 1661
Lot 65, Browns Road,  Pemberton, 6260, Western Australia.


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