Timeless Romance 《永恒的浪漫》

We decided to take black and white wedding photos a couple years ago, as the black and white photographs are very classic and have a timeless sense of romance, just like the old black and white movies of the 1940s.

Black and white photography is all about contrast. Texture and layering plays an important part in black and white photos. Shooting from different directions and different times of day will produce shadows and shading and result in an entirely different picture of the same subject.

Black and white photography is an art to me. It is the purest form of photography. Unfortunately, with the advent with digital photography, many photographers have now lost the skills or may never had the chance to pick up the manual skills of developing the black and white photos.

In my studies days, I had the opportunity to take photography as the subject for a semester. It was during that time that I learn how to develop black and white photos spending many hours in the darkroom to develop my own black and white prints. That was a most unforgettable experience.

In photography, the micro-expression, styling, using of props, environment and understanding of culture background of history play an important role to bring out the feeling and mood in the photos.

The facial expression was not so exaggerated, a slight smile or a wink will give an enchanting look, this is to give a more vintage feel to these photos. (above and below)

I’m glad that my husband and I share the strong appreciation for the simple and classic beauty of black & white photography.

Timeless Romance, 2007.

Photos credited to http://www.imagegardenphotography.com/

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