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公定假日的下午真好(虽然还需要工作哩!),一家人一起去喝茶,今天来到了 Riders Cafe。我们真的滿喜欢這間咖啡厅的,因为在新加坡你不可能找到如此沒有压迫感又接近大自然的空間,这里远离喧嚣和街上的噪音,是个好地方。Riders Cafe 顾名思义就是 “骑士”咖啡厅,因为这里就是一个骑马场,咖啡厅的外观和厅内都充满了英式殖民地风格,好浪漫。

It was a public holiday afternoon, we decided to have a family outing at Riders Cafe which is located near Eng Neo Ave. We fell in love with this cafe due to its natural setting and tranquil location. The design of the place is Old British Colonial style which add to the romantic feel of the cafe.


Being nature lovers, we found this place to be an ideal place for a relaxing afternoon getaway. Highly recommended are the scones which goes great with the jam and clotted cream.


Pony rides for the children are available every weekend from 10am to 1pm costing S$10 per ride. Great for family getaway as there are plenty of things for the kids to do, such as children playgroup, seeing the horses, and going for pony rides.


We could see the houses passed by while we were having our tea and if you ask nicely enough, the kids get to touch the horse! A place that you can consider for family outing, friends gathering and wedding pre shoot.

Riders Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
Bukit Timah Saddle Club
Tel: 6466 9819

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2 thoughts on “Riders Cafe Singapore

  1. Encho Chia

    美玲姐姐,我觉得您的中文可以更简练一些;或者更文学一些。哈哈。下次带++一起去Riders cafe 吧


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