Floriade 2012 (郁金香花卉展) in Canberra, Australia

Little family enjoying the live Jazz band. 小家庭正在欣赏现场爵士乐队。

They are really good! 他们演奏得太好了!

We decided to dance to the music… 我们都随着那音乐开始跳起舞来。。。


One million flowers in bloom 百花争艳

Taking a break from the one million flowers in bloom. 在花海中,歇一会儿。

It feels just like “Alice in Wonderland”. 这感觉就像“爱丽丝梦游仙境”。

Definitely a great place for family outing! 绝对是个适合家庭春游的地方!

This year, our little family was really blessed to have the opportunity to visit the Floriade festival in Canberra ACT, Australia. It was a beautiful, sunny morning when we visited the Floriade, where a million tulips were in full bloom creating a fairy tale landscape. In addition, there was a local jazz band performing that liven up the atmosphere. It was a beautiful family outing and we really enjoyed tip-toeing through the Tulips!!


How to get there: Floriade is held in Commonwealth Park, a five-minute walk from Canberra’s city centre. This iconic Canberra event runs for 30 days over the months of September and October every year in spring. The best time to visit will be in the middle of the season (the 2nd and 3rd week) where the flowers are in full bloom and have not started withering.

如何到达:Floriade在英联邦公园(Commonwealth Park),距离Canberra市中心步行5分钟的路程。这个郁金香花会展在每年春季举行,九月和十月之间,为30天(维持4周)。百花盛开时在第2和第3周。

更多详情请查询:More information please check this out at http://www.floriadeaustralia.com/

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